The Complete Guide Includes:

• A foolproof way to set up your shots that will guarantee your success when you get back to the computer.

• A walk through guide of the entire editing process in Lightroom, complete with all of my time saving tips and tricks. This is my meticulously refined workflow that I spent years optimizing so I could spend the absolute least amount of time on the computer.

• A background on the fundamentals of real estate photography, practical insights for picking a camera, and a smart approach to choosing your clients and why this is integral to maximum profitability. 

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Hi, I’m John Falkenhagen

I created this course for a younger version of myself who is just starting out in this field. It's what I wish I had to learn from. Instead, I learned mainly from watching YouTube videos, which as you know are often more filler than helpful information. Also, many teachers make this craft way more complicated than it needs to be. This is a simple and concise guide that would have saved me countless hours of researching and learning by trial and error.

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