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• A foolproof way to set up your shots that will guarantee your success when you get back to the computer. No using flash and carting around extra tripods.

• A walk through guide of the entire editing process in Lightroom, complete with all of my time saving tips and tricks. This is my meticulously refined workflow that I spent years optimizing so I could spend the absolute least amount of time on the computer. No Photoshop or complicated, time consuming techniques required.

• A background on the fundamentals of real estate photography, practical insights for picking a camera, and a smart approach to choosing your clients and why this is integral to maximum profitability. 

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Hi, I’m John Falkenhagen

It’s funny, most of the things I’ve learned about real estate photography through YouTube and by trial and error, I don’t use. They were important to learn though because they led me to the processes and techniques that I currently use, but if I needed to teach someone how I shoot and edit houses today it would only take me a few hours. I wouldn’t need to teach the techniques that I used to use and explain the evolutions to my current and more efficient techniques. I used to spend hours editing each house, and I see many teachers on YouTube still using those slow processes. I personally don’t like staring at a screen for any more time than I need to. I would pay thousands of dollars back in 2016 if I knew I could make my job as easy as it is today without going through the countless hours that I spent learning, researching, and editing. That’s what this course is. I feel this course is all I would have needed back then to bring me up to speed. It’s hard to convince someone that this course is worth thousands of dollars of their time so I’m not sure what else I can say, but as you might have seen, I will refund 100% of your purchase price if you want, for any reason within 30 days.

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