Creating HDR Images

We'll be using Adobe Lightroom Classic for desktop. There's a mobile version of Lightroom which we will not be using. The best option is to subscribe to Adobe's popular "Photography Plan."

Additional Notes

  • If you have a photo you decide not to use, simply hit “0” on the keyboard for it to disappear. You are still sorting by pictures rated one star so by hitting 0 you remove that star.
  • Your photos from any particular day can be found on the left side of the screen in the Navigator panel in library view, grouped in folders by date taken.
  • If your number of potential stacks does not add up based on your total number of photos when you have the “auto stack by capture time” window up, try adjusting the time between stacks. You likely took two different brackets very close together and will need to increase the time between stacks. This was probably due to not being happy with the first bracket and making a slight adjustment before trying again. Delete the group of photos you will not be using on your camera right away to avoid this type of confusion later.

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