I Was Exactly Where You Are in 2016

Like you, I started learning Real Estate Photography on YouTube. I know all of the popular channels and people you’re watching, even the tiny obscure channels too. Frankly, I don’t know how any of them make a decent living shooting real estate. My best guess is they have a client list they built over a long period of time that is willing to vastly overpay for photos. They certainly take good photos, but the time they spend shooting and editing takes hours. It’s insane to me to spend that much time on an ordinary house. The flashes on tripods with remotes and moving them around constantly, I couldn’t imagine carrying all of that equipment into a house let alone the time it would take to set it up. Then they go into Photoshop and create layer after layer. Meticulous widow pull procedures and exposure blending. You would think they’re editing photos of the Sistine Chapel. Meanwhile the agent is waiting to get their house on the market. 

My agents aren’t waiting. I’m shooting and editing 3 houses in the time it takes these other photographers to do 1. I can finish an edit in 10 minutes and my clients love the photos. I’m making over $3,000 a week working only a few hours per day. I’m able to do this because I’ve refined my shooting and editing workflow to the absolute simplest it could be. This did take time. Years actually. Hours of learning and experimenting to save seconds. Bit by bit I got to where I am today. While it took me a long time to simplify the process, because it’s now so easy, it’s also easy to teach. I’ve laid everything out in this course in a series of concise videos. If you’re ready to stop wasting your valuable time, the most precious thing you have in this life, and learn this genre of Photography that is so often overcomplicated in the fastest, easiest way possible, then start this course today. If the course turns out to be not what you had in mind, then simply ask for a refund. You have 30 days for a no questions asked, 100% refund. Around only 3% of students have opted for the refund, and all of them were right after purchase so my guess is they only wanted to download the presets that come with this course.

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Hi, I’m John Falkenhagen

Remember, Volume x Price = Revenue. Your price per house can only be so high, therefore to increase revenue you need to increase volume. To increase volume you must decrease the TIME you spend shooting and editing.

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