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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live course?
No, this is a self-study course that you can take on your own schedule.

What type of camera do I need?
An entry level DSLR or Mirrorless Camera is perfect. In the Editing Demonstrations section, I show how it's possible to produce professional grade photos with a Canon 450D I bought on Ebay for just $50.

What software do I need?
Adobe Lightroom; the most widely used photo editing software in the world.

Hi, I’m John Falkenhagen

South Florida based professional real estate photographer. The method I use to shoot and edit houses evolved over a multiyear period with the aim to be as efficient as possible. It's a highly streamlined workflow that utilizes simple HDR photography without flash. Most houses take me about ten minutes to edit and the technique I use for shooting is very easy to teach. Most of the photographers I see online teaching real estate photography seem to be artists at heart, they don’t place a high value on efficiency. If using multiple flashes and editing each photo for five minutes will yield a product that's 2% better, then that’s what they’ll do, and that’s what they’ll teach. The simplicity of my method is perfectly suited for beginners which is why I created this course. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]